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Interactive video increases viewer engagement, converts more leads, sells more products, and maximizes training impact. Mindstamp is the simplest and most powerful interactive video solution available.

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Personalize Your Video Marketing

Turn videos into personalized experiences that draw the viewer in and drive action.

Mobile Ready

Create Engaging Product Videos

Activate product videos to encourage discovery and increase sales.

Better in Motion

Improve Training and Onboarding

Ensure viewer comprehension, participation, and completeness.

Why Mindstamp?

Learn why our customers love us

"Hands down, the BEST interactive video platform out there!"

"I had a hard time finding a platform that could host over 100 videos while making it easily use hotspots, call to action buttons, and an interface easy to work with. I am so impressed with the many different ways you have customers/clients interact with the videos."
Rachel A.
G2 Review

"Mindstamp was a breath of fresh air - I love the simple straightforward editor!"

"The best! After wading through so many interactive video platforms, trying to contact them, trying super un-user-friendly editors and getting frustrated, Mindstamp was a breath of fresh air. There really isn't any other platform that delivers the quality at their price, and I have looked!"

“The best value for a video branching platform. No contest.”

"Within the current market, there are probably close to a dozen competitors that offer similar services. However, none of them come close to the pricing of this service, the ease of use, and support of the staff. Trust me, I spent weeks researching the entirety of the market, and this is by far the best option."

Bring Your Videos to Life

Use our interactive features to boost engagement, drive actions, collect information, and more in seconds

Use Any Existing Video

Mindstamp works with the most popular video hosting solutions, or you can upload videos directly. Within seconds you can take your existing video content from Vimeo, Wistia, JW Player, Kaltura or YouTube and turn it into a personalized, dynamic and interactive viewer experience that drives results.

Video Tutorial

Create Dynamic Experiences

Mindstamp allows you to dynamically create interactive content and present your video interactions based on what you already know about your customer or what your viewers have already done.

Video Tutorial

Add Buttons and Hotspots

Add context or additional information. Provide resources such as diagrams or links to additional information. Learn more about Buttons and Hotspots.

Video Tutorial

Ask Interactive Questions

Pause the video, engage the student, and make sure they understand the material. You can ask free response, multiple choice, audio, video, and drawing questions. Learn more about Questions.

Video Tutorial

Add Multi-Media

Pause the video, engage the student, and make sure they understand the material. You can ask free response, multiple choice, audio, video, and drawing questions. Learn more about Questions.

Video Tutorial

Get Rich Analytics & Reports

Every play comes with a full report showing exactly what the viewer did. Video summaries aggregate play reports and give you insights into your audience and how your content is performing. Learn more about Reporting.

Integrate Your Data

Mindstamp natively integrates with the most popular marketing automation, customer relationship management and salesforce automation platforms, including HubSpot, Salesforce, Segment, and more. We also offer a powerful API that allows you to build any integration you want. Video is no longer a black box. Every viewer action can be used to drive your business forward. Learn more about Integrations.

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Mindstamp helps customers across a number of industries reach their goals through interactive video

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Interactive Features

Choose an interactive feature below to learn more and see it in action.

Ask questions that pause the video and solicit a response


Add clickable buttons throughout the video to drive actions


Add hotspots to label video content or enable clickable video areas


Visually engage the viewer by drawing and highlighting the video


Provide context or commentary by overlaying comments in the video


Include clickable images that can open full size or drive actions

Video Clips

Overlay video clips onto your video to provide visual context

Voice Clips

Add voice clips throughout your video for personalized commentary


Create a searchable, clickable transcript of your video


Search your video’s interactions and transcript, navigate on click


Get play reports for every view and see every viewer’s interactions


Use variables to personalize a video to many viewers

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