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Add Comments To Your Videos

Comments are a simple way to add useful information or commentary to your videos on Mindstamp.

Comment details

What Can Comments Do?

Comments are great for adding context to a video.
Provide Information

Add personal thoughts or notes throughout the video. Expand on content.

Instruct the Viewer

Prepare them for action or tell them what to pay attention to.

Create Navigation Aids

Comments are clickable in the video guide and will move to the specified time in the video on click.

Comments are one of many interactive elements that can be added to your videos ūüĎČ
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Comments FAQ

Can I choose where my comments show up?

Yes. You can set your comments to show up in the top left, top center, or bottom center. Positioning applies to all comments. If you need to control where a single one shows up, you should use Hotspots.

Can I control how my comments look?

Yes. You can edit your comment appearance in your interaction styles settings. These styles apply to all comments on all videos.

Can I control how long a comment shows for?

Yes. Once you've added a comment, you can edit it to set a Start and Finish time.

Are comments clickable?

Nope. You can use buttons, hotspots, or our other interactions to create a clickable element.
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Provide context or commentary by overlaying comments in the video


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Video Clips

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Voice Clips

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