a picture is worth a thousand words

Overlay Images Into Videos

Add clickable images throughout the video that engage your viewer, add context or resources, and create interactive experiences.

Image details

What Can Images Do?

Images can take many actions on click to create dynamic viewing experiences.
Open Full Size

Clicking on the image will pause the video and open it full size. Useful for diagrams, graphs, and related.

Open URL Link

Drive traffic to your site or sign up form by adding a link to an image.

Change Video Time

Move the viewer around in the video.

Start Phone Call or Phone Call

Have the viewer start a phone call or email to you when available.

Play Audio or Video Clip

Give more information or background by playing a short video or audio clip on click.

Change Video

Create an interactive branching experience by changing the video when clicked.

Images are one of many interactive elements that can be added to your videos 👉
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Images FAQ

Can I add GIFs?

You sure can! Just be mindful if the GIF has a large file size as it might be slow to load.

Are there limits to an Images size or dimensions?

We don't enforce limits. Since images come in many shapes and sizes, it's up to you to make sure it looks good across screen sizes.

Can I control where my Image shows up?

Not at this time. All images show up in the top right corner and are automatically sized according to the video size.

Can I make an Image fullscreen?

Soon! This is highly requested and on our roadmap. Stay tuned and contact us if you want more information.

Can I automatically pause for an Image?

Not at this time. However, if you choose the View Full Size action and they click the image, it will pause the video and open the image.
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Video Clips

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