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Get Detailed Video Reports

Mindstamp generates a report every time a video is watched. Video reports aggregate all play reports into a useful summary.

report details

What do Reports include?

See what data you get by using Mindstamp
Time Watched

See how much of the video a viewer watched, calculated down to the second.

Viewer Interactions

See all comments, responses, clicks, and other actions taken by the viewer.

Captured Information

If you captured a Name, Email, or Phone number from the viewer, it will be included.

Correctness Score

See how many they got correct out of questions with a correct answer specified.

Participation Score

See how many questions they answered out of the total available.

More Information

See time spent on page, browser information, country, and more.

types of reports

What kind of Reports are available?

See what data you get by using Mindstamp
Video Reports

See all plays and aggregated data for a specific video.

Viewer Reports

See all plays and interactions from a specific viewer.

Question Summaries

See response breakdowns for the questions you've asked.

Reports are one of many interactive elements that can be added to your videos 👉
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Reports FAQ

Where can I find my reports?

Plays show up in your dashboard as they come in. You can also your Video Reports and Viewer reports from your menu dropdown.

How is percentage watched calculated?

We track every second a viewer watches your videos, so you get a true representation of how much they watched.

Can I export my reports?

You can currently export all your interactions for a video. We are working on making more data avaialble for export.
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Voice Clips

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