Mindstamp for sales

Turn Viewers into Buyers with Interactive Video Sales

Get the most from your video content by turning passive viewing experiences into engaging, interactive, ROI-producing sales assets.
Why Mindstamp?
Video is a powerful medium to get your message across. Mindstamp helps you dramatically increase it's impact and drive results.
add buttons to your videos

Drive Actions

It's critical to convert a prospect at the right moment. Adding Buttons to your video makes sure your viewer can take the desired action at the right time, such as opening Buy Now or Subscribe to Mailing List links.

get to know your customers

Collect Feedback

Marketers can creatively use questions and collect responses in text, voice or video that drive a deeper understanding of any prospects objectives or interests.

Grow your prospect base

Capture Leads

Collect a Name, Email, and Phone Number from your viewers, before the video plays or at first interaction to minimize drop off.

move throughout the video

Create Dynamic Viewing Experiences

By letting customers answer questions and then navigating within the video to the most relevant content based on their response, marketers can let viewers get the information they want as rapidly as possible.

make them say wow

Personalize the Experience to the Viewer

Mindstamp makes it easy to personalize videos with viewer-specific notes, buttons and questions.

put your new data to use

Track, Export, Improve

All Mindstamp views, including viewers information, are tracked for summary reporting and available for export to encourage deeper analysis. With Webhooks, viewers can be automatically synced into the CRM platform of your choice.

Start Getting More from Every Play

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