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Add Clickable Buttons to Your Videos

Buttons are a powerful way to prompt viewer action and increase engagement. Mindstamp helps you add buttons with custom actions throughout your videos.

button actions

What can buttons do?

Buttons can use a variety of actions when clicked to turn your video into an engaging interactive experience.
Open URL Link

Drive traffic to your website by making a button open a link.

Change Video Time

Create branched experiences by moving the viewer around in the video.

Start Phone Call

Enable click-to-call by making your button start a phone call when available.

Start Email Message

Direct people to your inbox by making a button start an email.

Play Video or Audio Clip

Add context or insight by making a button play a video or audio clip.

Open New Mindstamp Video

Change the video when the button is clicked.

Buttons are one of many interactive elements that can be added to your videos 👉
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Buttons FAQ

Can I change the look and feel of my buttons?

Yep! You can make your buttons match your brand or aesthetic. You can control the background color, text color, and border radius of your buttons from within your account.

Can control when my buttons show and hide?

Certainly. When creating or editing a button, you can set a start and finish time to determine when the button is visible. Want to show a button for the whole video? No problem! Just note that only one button can be showing at a time.

Can I change the position of my button?

If you need to control the position of your buttons, you can use a Hotspot. Hotspots divide the video into a 3x3 grid and allow you to put a Button or Comment in each of them.

Will I know if somebody clicked my button?

You sure will. Button clicks will show up in your play reports and under the Button interaction replies when in the editing view.
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