Solicit feedback and Capture information

Add Interactive Questions to Videos

Ask your viewer questions that pause the video and solicit a response. Prompt action or tailor the experience based on the response. Analyze viewer answers and overall summaries in your dashboard.

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What type of Questions are available?

You can add any of the following types of questions throughout your videos.
Free Response

Allow the viewer to write in their answer.

Multiple Choice

Offer a set of answers to the viewer. Add an action to each button to create an interactive experience.

Voice Response

Ask the viewer to speak their mind. Perfect for simulating real-life scenarios.

Video Response

Ask the viewer to record a video response. Great for customer-facing role training and similar.

Drawing Response

Ask the viewer to draw or highlight the screen to engage them.

Select Dropdown

Offer unlimited answers with searching and autocomplete abilities for questions with many options

Questions are one of many interactive elements that can be added to your videos ūüĎČ
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Questions FAQ

Can I drive action based on a response?

Yes. You can use all Mindstamp Actions to buttons in multiple choice questions, including: Open URL Link, Change Video Time, Open New Mindstamp Video, Start Email, Start Phone Call, Play Video Clip, and Play Audio Clip.

Can I add a correct answer?

Yes. Multple choice questions can have a correct answer chosen. View reports will include correctness scores if a video has one or more questions with a correct answer. The viewer will also be notified if their answer was correct.

Can I add multiple questions in a row?

Yes. Adding multiple questions at the same time, such as the 0:30 mark, will group the questions into a Question Set. The viewer will see all the questions in a row before the video resumes.

Can I add a time limit? Can questions be skippable?

Yes. You can set a 10 second or 30 second time limit on questions. The timer will visibly count down and the video will resume if the viewer has not responded. You can also mark a question as skippable or not depending on if the viewer should be able to move on without answering.
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