Mindstamp for Education

Create Interactive Educational Video Content

Turn any video into an interactive experience for students or learners to drive higher engagement, deeper learning, and verifiable results.
Why Mindstamp?
Mindstamp delivers the simplest way to turn any video content into a powerful educational tool in just minutes.
measure understanding

Ask Interactive Questions

Pause the video, engage the student, and make sure they understand the material. You can ask free response, multiple choice, audio, video, and drawing questions. Learn more about Questions.

Add context

Add Comments, Buttons, Images, and More

Add context or additional information. Provide resources such as diagrams or links to additional information.

promote visual learning

Draw on the Video

Encourage visual engagement by drawing and highlighting on the video. Ask the viewers to highlight or circle something to show that they are paying attention. Learn more about drawing.

gather data and analytics

Track Completion + Correctness

Every Mindstamp play comes with a full report showing everything about the viewer, including all responses and interactions. Video reports aggregate all plays into one useful point of analysis.

Bring the Power of Interactive Video to Your School or Organization

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